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Since Starting Business in March 2003 we have served over 50,000 clients.

I am ex corporate and started the company and first business in 2003 this was called Home Appliance Rentals, we become one of the largest rental companies in Sydney and was sold to the largest independent appliance hire company in Australia 1st Choice Rentals. A year before selling I started to sell online and started a company called Mr. Appliance, we sold on ebay and online and become arguably the largest online appliance parts retailer in the country.

While operating the above two companies we had a warehouse next door to a clothesline factory called City Living Clotheslines, we become friends and I thought I could sell his product better than other and online as it is a great product. This was the start of The Clothesline Store, it did little for a couple of years as I was focusing on other things.


After selling Mr Appliance I spent a couple of years on the information marketing and consulting arena.

Finding this was a waste of time I started to focus on ecommerce again and ramped up The Clothesline Store and other products I was selling on eBay.

In less than 3 years we are the largest clothesline supplier in the country. Hills are the major supplier and we are their largest client, in total we are only second to the Mitre 10 and Home Timber and Hardware Stores combined. Despite out largest rival having many years head start and playing dirty we have taken the market and have plans to double in size again.