Post Purchase Delivery Details

Great news as your products delivery process has started, we have listed some commonly asked questions regarding delivery. Reading the below questions will assist you to receive your product in a timely manner and reduce any help prevent any possible delays.

When Will my Product be Despatch?

All products are shipped within 24 business hours of full payment being received, unless otherwise stated. If your ordered a custom-made item like the Air Dry made to order products, it can take up to 5 to 10 working days to ship. This is the time it can take to make the product to your requirements.

How Will My Product be Shipped?

All products are shipped using reputable couriers, these include Australia Post, Fastway, Vellex, Direct Freight Express and UPS. In some instances one courier will use another to completed the delivery process, this means a local courier company can deliver the product to your address. This is common in remote or regional areas.

Will all my Products Arrive at the Same Time?

If you ordered multiple products or brands they may arrive at different times. This is because in some cases they are shipped from seperate locations. This is most common if you order a clothesline and a cover.

When Will I Receive my Product?

As we don't own, control or manage any freight companies, we are subject to their delivery schedules. They all pick up from our warehouses every workday, however their sorting and delivery process differ. These are the expected delivery periods for products 

  • Delivery to East Coast capital cities and major metropolitan areas, can take between 1 - 5 working days.
  • Delivery to East Coast regional areas, outside of capital and major metropolitan areas, allow up to 10 working days.  
  • Adelaide and other outlying areas, allow up to 15 working days.

Often delivery is considerably faster than the longest time shown, however it would be irresponsible for us to guarantee something we have no control over.

How Big is The Box my Clothesline is in?

As clotheslines are quite large items and vary in size as do accessories, your clothesline will arrive in a disassembled state (unless otherwise stated) which means the box will be considerably smaller than the overall dimensions of the assembled clothesline and assembly will be required. 

Do I Have to be Home for The Delivery?

Most product deliveries require you to sign for them, this ensures you receive the product. Unfortunately, couriers will not call you before they deliver your product, even if you place a request on your notes (based on the volumes they deliver this is not practical). If you have placed a note on your order to leave if you are not home they will do so. Otherwise they will leave a calling card either on your door or in your letter box, you can then call them to arrange another delivery time (Refer tracking your order below)

Can I Track the Progress of my Order?

Yes, you will receive an email when your order is despatched, this will be complete with a tracking number. In some cases, the product may arrive before you receive the email. With some Austral products, a tracking number is not issued. All the information you require to track your product will be in the email notifying you your product has been sent. You can cut and past the tracking number into the courier’s websites to see its progress, you do not have to register for any of these sites. This is the fastest way to determine the status of your product.

Does The Clothesline Store Have a Hot Line to The Couriers?

Despite our volumes and the amount, we spend with couriers every month, we receive no special treatment. We have the same contact details you do and are treated the same. Therefore, any communication with a courier company is best done with you directly so you can receive accurate and un delayed information.

What if My Product Has Not Arrived?

If your product has not arrived in the estimated time periods above and as per our shipping page, you can use your tracking number to see where it is. If there is still an issue with the delivery, you can contact the freight company directly. They will then assist you in having your product delivered, talking directly with them allows you to arrange a time and possible location to meet them to receive your product.

Some couriers have an online enquiry system for doing this also. If your product has been signed for and the courier has proof of delivery, there is nothing further we can assist you with. 

Are Instructions Included with the Product?

For most products instructions are included in the box, this is not the case for some smaller items such as spare parts, cord or some accessories.

I Purchased The Optional Fastener Kit, Where Will I Find Them?

If you have purchased our fastener kits, they are included in the box you will receive. If you have opened all the boxes and they are not there, contact us at

What do I do if my Product Arrives Damaged?

If your product or box arrives damaged, don't sign for it and ask the courier to return it to the sender. Then send us an email at with your order number advising what has happened so we can act.

If the box is in good order yet the product is damaged, you have up to 24 hours to notify us of the situation from the time you signed for the product (This is the time couriers provide to place a claim on them). After this time, damaged product will not be repaired or replaced.

Receiving a Product

Once a product has been signed for, it's considered as delivered and we are no longer able to assist with the delivery process. We see many cases where other members of the family or business have received a product and not told the person who placed the ordered. Asking other members of the family or business may save time if you are not able to locate your item.

Made to Order Clothesline by Air Dry

If you have purchased a Air Dry made to order clothesline, they are not able to be returned or exchanged. If you notice an error on your payment receipt contact us so we can address the issue please.